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2011-09-09 06:46:48 by JamDrmr1114

Don't be afraid to leave reviews of my stuff!

Review please? ^_^

2011-08-18 16:45:28 by JamDrmr1114

I'm really happy with the positive feedback I'm getting on Thought-Process (:
I'm asking that someone leaves an honest review of what you think of it.


2011-08-01 18:03:04 by JamDrmr1114

Seriously guys? when i said vote, i didn't mean to vote my stuff as a zero.
I put hard work into the stuff i write. don't be an asshole and say its the worst thing you've ever heard.

Vote please

2011-07-29 13:59:37 by JamDrmr1114

I think everyone's forgetting what new grounds is all about.
Everyone shares their stuff. Those people want feedback! So vote on my stuff!

New Stuff :)

2011-06-29 22:08:52 by JamDrmr1114

There will soon be a marching band show. in its epic entirety. its half done. it will arrive soon!!!


2011-06-12 11:35:22 by JamDrmr1114

Ok i'm happy that you guys are listening and such, but i would like it if you would rate the songs (MB), Barbados, Right Brained, and Candlelight.


2011-06-07 14:53:23 by JamDrmr1114

Ok, everything is up! everybody feel free to listen and comment!


2011-06-06 15:41:07 by JamDrmr1114

i've been waiting forever to have my stuff get approved.

Uploads Part 2

2011-05-28 11:36:58 by JamDrmr1114

Ok may bad. Turns out it takes a few days.


2011-05-28 08:56:13 by JamDrmr1114

How long does it take for Audio Portal uploads to go up? It says they go through some people. I uploaded 2 last night and they're still not up.